Call Center for Ecommerce – What it is and why it’s critical for your Shop

Let’s first define what an Inbound Call Center is: it is a facility formed by human resources, hardware such as PCs, headsets and servers, and integrated services, which is suitable for receiving numerous customer calls in order to provide excellent Inbound Customer Service. Normally, a Geographic phone number is set up (with area code then), […]

How to increase your e-commerce sales? 4 factors often forgotten

With the boom of online commerce, the number of ecommerce has grown exponentially, especially in recent years. At the same time, competition (sectoral and otherwise) has greatly increased; this has forced marketers operating online to implement functional strategies for brand and sales growth in order to fueltheir ecommerce expansion. This result depends on a wide […]

Ecommerce Live Chat, how customer care can increase sales

Ecommerce Live Chat, how customer care can increase sales More and more online stores are requesting the integration of a Live Chat with the main goal of growing their revenue. Live chat has become a real asset for multiple companies in this industry. This is a very simple system by which direct interaction with various […]

12 Tricks to Improve Your Ecommerce’s Customer Care

If you run an Ecommerce business, you certainly don’t need us to tell you that it’s a tough world out there: ecommerce is an ever-expanding industry, and as a result, the number of competitors trying to steal your place is increasing by the day. Sometimes you might feel like the small, family-run store in the […]

Call Center for Ecommerce – How to Choose

It has been 6 years now since we created the division dedicated to Online Shops. Division that has become strategic for both us and our clients because finding a multilingual Call Center thatspecializes in Customer Care for E Commerce is extremely difficult, finding one that is confident with all aspects of the online world almost […]

Learn about the Cost of Living in Bulgaria

In a previous article “Working Abroad, Had You Ever Thought of Bulgaria?“ we had already dealt with some of the aspects to consider when moving to Bulgaria or not. Every day we receive dozens of resumes from young Europeans looking for an opportunity abroad, but there is little knowledge of this country and especially its […]

Working abroad without knowing English?

This question is really being asked by many people and we are convinced that many more are asking it but without finding an answer. It is clear that knowing another language besides Italian is definitely helpful, but if you have decided that you want to move abroad and live in a foreign city, it is […]

Work abroad – Bulgaria

More and more often we get to give instructions and advice to Italians on what Bulgaria is like, how to live and how to move, first over dinner then on the plane then again over a café. Here we came up with the not too bright, but at least useful, idea of drafting a short […]