Social customer service

When we launched Social Customer Care in 2013, we presented it as “the new way of providing customer service, it’s still a developing market, […] in the next 12 months you will see amazing results”.

It took us less than 12 years to completely change the “Customer Care” paradigm, today we provide customer care services to ecommerce that only manage social channels and live chat. They no longer provide a phone number to contact.

In fact, fewer and fewer customers choose a telephone contact to get support or information, 64% of companies in the world also provide their customer service through social channels and the percentage will grow more and more.

Customer behavior is completely changing, through all tools: Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Live Chat, Whatsapp is able to dialogue and communicate with the company, is able to give feedback on what they have eaten or purchased; influences the purchases and choices of others with just one click.

Social customer care specialist

Our of Customer Care Team is trained in the use of all Social Network, but above all it specializes in communicating with your customers to make him feel followed, considered and make him fall in love with your products or services or simply to better manage a complaint and avoid a bad review online.

By monitoring in real time what users say about your company or product we give you the opportunity to have a significant advantage over your competitors, social listening is an integral part of our customer service.

54% of people in Italy get INFORMED ONLINE before buying something, eating in a restaurant, renting a car or taking a holiday. If your Customers are assisted in the best possible way and on all channels, your Brand Reputation will be very high and your Business will only be able to earn from it.

Social customer care and comment moderation

If it is true that Social Networks are one of the most powerful ways to have more customers online, it is equally true that they give the opportunity to express an immediate judgment on one’s experience. The service they most often request from us is the moderation of online comments.

By integrating the Euro Connect Social Reputation tool into your platform or your e-commerce site, we can monitor and moderate up to 1 million comments per month, giving priority to those with particularly serious content by removing them before they can create problems both on a legal and brand reputation level .

How to create the perfect Social Customer Service?

1) We know your product or service. First of all we need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service, we need to know what you propose and what you market in order to become your Brand Ambassadors, for better or for worse. Our priority is customer satisfaction, yours and ours, so as to trigger that online and offline word of mouth that is fundamental for your business.

2) We create “support” accounts on the relevant social networks. We certainly register your company with specific accounts for support on Facebook and Twitter, but we must not forget that it is possible to provide assistance on Google+ and Youtube, for example by creating tutorials and guides; Email support is also very important, especially for markets that live on user reviews and ratings, so we will thank your customer following a purchase, ask him for his opinion and make him feel like the center of attention.

3) We integrate a Ticket management system into the Social Networks. On Social Networks, customers can ask questions and request assistance in real time, with the same speed we must respond and resolve the problem. Remember, the perfect social customer support is the one that gets rated positively!
By integrating an automatic Ticket monitoring system we will create positive word of mouth about the customer service you offer, ensuring that each Ticket is resolved and closed within the agreed time.

4) We make your company’s reputation excellent. Providing multi-channel Social Customer Care also on social media produces an almost immediate ROI (Return of Investment). Satisfied and supported customers can only speak well of their experience and bring you other customers, who in turn will bring others. You are what your customers think, our staff is expert in giving the best corporate image on all social networks.