Marketing automation

Let’s get YOUR Customer to come back and buy from your Shop.

Marketing Automation is that set of activities that can be automated that are used to give your customers a fully automated (and personalized) experience on your Shop.

Why would you offer a T-shirt to a person who just added a shirt to the cart, isn’t it better to show a tie? Or another discount shirt?

These marketing automation activities can be done both on and off your shop by creating custom custom audiences and communicating 1 to 1 with your customer via email, whatsapp, push notifications, and tailoring your shop’s content to their tastes and habits.

The Euroconnect Marketing Automation Unit specializes on two well-known platforms, one of which is ActiveCampaign.

Find out how we can increase the AOV of your Shop, how to quickly increase the repurchase rate of customers for whom you have already paid the ADS and how to create a strategy with first data parties.

Why turn to a local ActiveCampaign Partner?

ActiveCampaign is a powerful CRM platform designed to help you grow your business and generate more revenue with the customers you have already laboriously acquired.

At Euroconnect we have a passion for all things unconventional, which is why we are not in the business of creating sites or even tracking campaigns on Meta. Rather we find alternative ways to increase revenue, such as our services to sell on amazon, and consolidate the existing one by making it increase without investing in ADV.

ActiveCampaign is only one tool. To realize the full potential of the platform, it is essential to match it with the right expertise. From simple automations, such as retrieving abandoned carts, to more complex ones, such as showing a different version of your shop for each person who has already visited it we know how to implement it on your Shop.

At Euroconnect, we not only know technology inside out, we have years of strategic experience in email marketing and marketing automation. With a proven track record in developing marketing automation strategy for some globally known Brands, we know how to achieve success without over-enriching google or meta.

Marketing Automation in 4 Simple Steps

1. Platform Setup and Activation.

2. Strategy design and development

3. Workflow optimization and creation.

4. Integration with other API platforms.

Casto Studio: How Melissa realizes 35 percent of her global revenue from Marketing automation.

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