Customer service live chat

Integrating live chat software on your ECommerce is the best way to intercept visitor’s questions and requests in real time, no other tool allows such quick and cost-effective contact. It guarantees instant satisfaction and requires no installation by the user, click, chat and buy.

Euro Connect Inbound Call Center has a specialized customer service unit for E Commerce, and live chat is a more than essential tool: it decreases phone calls, increases customer satisfaction, and increases online purchases.

If a user has a choice between contacting a company by phone number and staying on the line waiting for someone to answer or contacting a competitor that offers real time chat service which one do you think they will choose?

How to integrate Live Chat on your e-commerce or platform

The do-it-yourself online solutions for having a chat on your site are almost endless, there are ones for all budgets and needs, but people often underestimate the time it takes to respond to all requests and especially that it must be an always-online service. If you can’t be in front of your PC 12 hours a day to answer chats or if it is already taking away from your company’s valuable time entrust theLiveChat service to our Customer Care Team.

We have a plugin already developed for any CMS, from the most common ones like WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, Joomla to custom ones. All you have to do is have the plugin installed or paste a line of code into the pages where you want the chat to be available. We take care of everything else.

Benefits and potential of Live Chat

When we talk about Live Chat we are talking about our software that integrates to your shop in less than a minute, 100% customizable and with proactive features on selected pages (ex: on the shopping cart we can insert a proactive widget after a few seconds that the user does not take any action).

We also know that some Shops already take advantage of the potential of Whatsapp and Messenger, so we have ready integration with both channels. You choose how you want your client to communicate, we implement the infrastructure.

The benefits of live chat human customer service (whatever platform is used) are unquestionable and currently unmatched by any AI solution on the market. Give your sales a boost with our service.

Customer service chat: the underestimated potential

Offering customer care via chat not only has economic and brand reputation benefits, but it also helps your marketing understand what to improve. In fact, the integration of our tool gives you the ability to know in real time where customers are connecting from, what are the most frequent issues they are complaining about, and have a final judgment on the assistance received.

At the end of each chat session the user is invited to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire. We boast 97% satisfied customers on all the shops we operate; do you want to have more satisfied customers? Contact us now for a free quote.

Whatsapp Customer Service Integration

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, with more than 2 billion active users. This makes it an ideal channel for e-commerce companies to provide customer support to their customers. Here are some of the benefits of having customer service on WhatsApp for an e-commerce company:

  • Accessibility: WhatsApp is available on all major mobile platforms, which means customers can contact customer support anytime and from anywhere.
  • Speed: WhatsApp offers an instant messaging service, which means customers can get a quick response to their questions.
  • Customization: WhatsApp allows companies to customize the customer service experience according to the needs of individual customers.
  • Efficiency: WhatsApp can help companies reduce customer service costs as it enables them to handle customer inquiries centrally.

We can now also integrate this channel on your shop using the same ticketing software with which we manage social, calls, emails and all other contact channels for your Customers.