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We take your brand to success on Amazon. In Italy, in Europe, in the World.

Welcome to Euroconnect, not just an Amazon agency specializing in bringing Brands to the marketplace to increase sales and expand them internationally, but a digital partner for unconventional solutions.

We are here to support Brand-owning companies in their global growth on this successful e-commerce platform. Selling on Amazon is not easy, but we know how to double your shop’s sales within a year.

Comprehensive services for selling on Amazon

We offer a comprehensive service covering all stages from initial planning to managing the growth of your brand on Amazon, domestically and internationally. We can take care of everything from Brand registration to climbing.

Data-driven strategic consulting

Our business intelligence consulting will help you make informed decisions. We thoroughly analyze your competitors and the logistical aspects of selling on Amazon to ensure you have a competitive advantage from the start.

Complete management of seller and vendor accounts

We take care of your Seller and Vendor account management in every aspect. From optimizing your product catalog to creating an effective sales plan, we provide detailed monthly reports to ensure optimal expansion of your Amazon sales channel.

Amazon advertising management

Our expertise in Amazon advertising enables us to optimize your advertising campaigns, reduce costs and maximize your return on investment. Our ultimate goal is to improve your brand image and grow your sales.

Tailored creativity for your success

We make custom creatives to optimize your brand's visibility on Amazon. With our dedicated copywriting service, we create engaging text, eye-catching banners and videos that increase sales of your products.

Amazon agency at your disposal

We offer specialized services for brand manufacturers who wish to increase revenue and improve marketplace positioning while maintaining a pricing strategy so that there are not a thousand retailers selling off your product.

The Amazon Case Study:
RedMoringa, from 0€ to 60K€/month

RedMoringa is a Brand that produces dietary supplements and cosmetics made from Moringa Oleifera. Today it is a brand; 2 years ago it was a gamble.

The project has seen us engaged from the embryonic stage, from brand registration to the creation of the Store, from the launch of the first campaigns to constant optimization.

Today we are preparing to launch in France, Germany, Spain and the UK with the goal of doubling the revenue achieved within 6 months and from there scaling to other markets.

Official Amazon ADS Partner

We have a dedicated Amazon team and are an official Amazon ADS partner. We offer you the expertise you need to overcome the risks associated with selling on Amazon. Without the right support, only 40 percent of companies are able to maintain a lasting presence. Don’t leave your success to chance, trust Euroconnect to deliver real results. Bring your brand to success on Amazon with Euroconnect.

Expand your online business with ease: Our unit supports you in selling on Italian, European and US marketplaces, ensuring maximization of sales and development of your online business. With no fixed monthly costs, we work only on Performance.

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