Work abroad – Bulgaria

More and more often we get to give instructions and advice to Italians on what Bulgaria is like, how to live and how to move, first over dinner then on the plane then again over a café. Here we came up with the not too bright, but at least useful, idea of drafting a short guide for all those who wish to seek a little extra luck in a country yes poorer, but with endless more possibilities than our beloved bel paese.

Bulgaria, this unknown, is a small country part of the EU, so yes you can move without any problems or visas. The capital, Sofia, in which we are headquartered is a city the size of Turin to be exact, perhaps architecturally not as beautiful, but it has its merits: you can get around without a car, micro-crime hardly exists, and it has an interesting social fabric: the Bulgarians!

The first word we learned when we opened in this cozy country was “Pause,” resembling our southern Italy for short, surely no one will die stressed. The second, third etc. were the names of their typical foods, they are very attached to traditions, proud and eager to show them to you, you will like them.

Fortunately for them, they have not yet entered the euro, they have the Lev, which is worth slightly less than half (1€=0.48Lev), as well as the cost of living is half, although outside Sofia it drops considerably. With the equivalent of our 1,000 euros, 1,000 leva, you live more than well, for a quick lunch you get by with €1.50, and taxes on salaries are 4 times lower. If you want to get an overview of Bulgarian living costs read our article.

So, the food is good, the nightlife also, the quality of life as well, how to start working?

Just go to the police and notify them of the move, along with a new address (for the house two suggestions we can make), open a bank account, and that’s it! We or the company you will work for will take care of the rest.

PS: Low cost Wizz Air and Ryanair flies over Sofia!