Working abroad without knowing English?

This question is really being asked by many people and we are convinced that many more are asking it but without finding an answer.

It is clear that knowing another language besides Italian is definitely helpful, but if you have decided that you want to move abroad and live in a foreign city, it is not English that is holding you back.

We are an Italian company, with Italian Management and half the employees Italian, and like us there are many that offer you the opportunity to work without knowing or speaking English. In fact, you could start right here to learn it!

So how to look for a remote job?

You have two methods at your disposal: google “work abroad without English” 🙂 or visit some authoritative specialized sites, one among them, with which we ourselves cooperate, is

A lot of job offers are posted every day by Italian companies scattered around the world, so you just need to prepare a nice resume, never forget a short cover letter and get an interview.

How to arrange to move, with housing and permits?

If you opted for a European nation, you don’t need permits to work, you just need a roof over your head. In this case there are companies, like us, that will offer you an apartment; or the quickest and easiest method without searching through a thousand real estate ads is to join the various groups on Facebook or specialized sites “Italians abroad” “Italians and the city you are moving to,” you will see that it is possible to find a room in 48 hours.