Learn about the Cost of Living in Bulgaria

In a previous article “Working Abroad, Had You Ever Thought of Bulgaria? we had already dealt with some of the aspects to consider when moving to Bulgaria or not.

Every day we receive dozens of resumes from young Europeans looking for an opportunity abroad, but there is little knowledge of this country and especially its economy.

To support all those looking for a job and who are considering Sofia and Bulgaria in general as a possible destination, we have created a table regarding the cost of living here, trying to integrate all the costs that affect everyday life.

First of all, it is good to remember that Bulgaria is a poor country, so rule it out as a destination in case you want to gain experience abroad to enrich yourself and return to your homeland accordingly.

It is also good to remember that our industry is the best paid in the whole country, so thanks to the significantly lower Bulgarian cost of living and a salary above the country’s average (for some languages even 5 times higher) you can live in peace and quiet.

Here are the main cost items that make up the “cost of living in Bulgaria,” consider that 1€ is worth 1.95 lev.

Restaurants in Bulgaria Avg. 
Meals in inexpensive restaurants10.00 лв 
Meal for two people, with 3 courses40.00 лв 
McDonalds or fast food in general8.00 лв 
Bulgarian Beer2.00 лв 
Imported Beer3.00 лв 
Cappuccino2.03 лв 
Coca Cola (0.33 liters)1.62 лв 
Water (0.33 liters)1.04 лв 
Shopping in Bulgaria Avg. 
1 Liter of Milk1.95 лв 
Half a kilo of bread0.92 лв 
1 kg Rice2.23 лв 
12 Eggs2.86 лв 
Local Cheese (1Kg)8.94 лв 
1Kg of Chicken8.77 лв 
1Kg of Apples1.83 лв 
Tomatoes (1Kg)2.30 лв 
Potatoes (1Kg)0.98 лв 
Bottle of Wine7.50 лв 
Cigarettes (Marlboro)5.15 лв 
Transportation Avg. 
One Way Ticket1.00 лв 
Monthly Subscription50.00 лв 
Gasoline2.34 лв 
Utilities (Monthly) Avg. 
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Waste) per 85m2189.01 лв 
Internet (10 Mbps)13.77 лв 
Rent Avg. 
Apartment (1 bedroom) Sofia center512.02 лв 
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside the center359.08 лв 
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Sofia center919.86 лв 
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside the center681.69 лв 
Salary Avg. 
Average Monthly Salary (Net)800.46 лв 

We hope this brief table will help all young people looking for a job in Bulgaria to better understand the Bulgarian cost of living. Of course, we are always looking for good employees, so if you want to move look at our job openings.