Call Center for Ecommerce – How to Choose

It has been 6 years now since we created the division dedicated to Online Shops. Division that has become strategic for both us and our clients because finding a multilingual Call Center thatspecializes in Customer Care for E Commerce is extremely difficult, finding one that is confident with all aspects of the online world almost impossible.

Do you already have an Ecommerce?

If you already have an Online business you know exactly what we are talking about. Customers are extremely demanding and expect a satisfactory and almost immediate answer to all their questions. Let’s not forget that Customer Care is the only link between end customers and your Brand.

We always recommend providingomni channel customer support, that is, including all communication channels: telephone, email and chat, and social, but we know it is not easy. Technical skills are needed for each of these channels; not just a phone number and a mailbox, but a telephone switchboard, a ticketing system, a live chat system, and one to monitor social networks are needed.

It is therefore most important to outsource your E-commerce to a Call Center that has omni channel software that can be easily integrated with your site and allows your customers to evaluate the service you offer.

The ideal call center must therefore provide your customers with all-around support and provide you with a comprehensive solution so that you can cover all communication channels.

Don’t have an Ecommerce yet?

In this case, in addition to the above aspects, there is another key to the success of your online shop: positive word of mouth.

The Web is indeed a great opportunity for everyone, but as such, full of companies trying to seize it. Launching a new ecommerce is not easy, but if you have a good product, a good price and excellent customer service, it is still possible.

Especially if you have created a new Brand or if it is still little known, it is vital that your customers are satisfied with their purchases and can communicate this to others both online and offline. The only way to provide a great customer experience is to rely on a great E-commerce Call Center to be able to answer any pre-sale questions and solve any post-sale problems.

Call Center for Ecommerce – DIY

At least 50% of new customers who contact us have Customer Care for their internal Ecommerce. This means in the best case employees dedicated solely to responding to customer inquiries and customer care software solutions that are not integrated with either the back end of the site, logistics or developers.

Choosing Euroconnect’s Customer Care for Ecommerce means having a Multilingual Customer Service available for your site, right from the start with no fixed costs. All our rates are pay-as-you-go. You save a great deal of money compared to having in-house service and ensure that your customers receive excellent service even at the most critical times such as Christmas or sales.

Find out now how to complement your Online Store with multilingual, multichannel, specialized customer service. Contact us now.