Ecommerce Live Chat, how customer care can increase sales

Ecommerce Live Chat, how customer care can increase sales

More and more online stores are requesting the integration of a Live Chat with the main goal of growing their revenue. Live chat has become a real asset for multiple companies in this industry. This is a very simple system by which direct interaction with various customers can be created.

Technical support works almost instantaneously, and this is its greatest asset, in addition to the chance to provide an immediate solution to any kind of problem that may occur.

Let’s discover together the most important prerogatives of Live Chat Customer Care, with the reasons why such a formula should be implemented by all companies that aim to increase their Ecommerce sales exponentially. In addition, we will provide below a set of procedures to best integrate a Live Chat into a web service. It really takes very little to start noticing more than satisfactory results and increase the income of one’s business reality.

Customer Care Live Chat, how to integrate it with other channels?

Nowadays, Ecommerce customer service of various companies has experienced a profound evolution. Dear old telephone calls are no longer enough. Numerous new channels have been introduced to bring first-class Customer Care Live Chat to life. This, then, is how Omni-Channel Customer Care was born , which has been trending for a number of years now and which involves, as the name suggests, the use of multiple communication channels linked together in a direct manner. Such a method serves to integrate text messaging, social media, e-mail, and instant messaging, fostering a comprehensive and up-to-date service at all times.

How should one go about creating aseamless integration between the various channels and implementing a strategy that can guarantee excellent satisfaction? Here are some simple tips to follow to make the situation much easier.

– The proper use of mobile chat services

In our times, using services that can work best on mobile devices is almost essential. There is no customer who does not use at least one smartphone or tablet. Many companies are still failing to curate such a service, as the unedifying wrong display wording appears to many users. Proper optimization of customer service for mobile devices is essential for betterEcommerce customer service with Live Chat. Our platform allows for a chat window optimized for mobile devices, ensuring equal performance between desktop and mobile traffic.

  • The improvement of response time
    Many customers feel safe and secure in their relationship with a company because of what the company can offer on social networks. It is important to lower the average response time to any request from the catchment area. Indeed, first of all it is necessary to ensure a response itself, since in some cases this does not happen. Slow responses can cause a brand to lose credibility, and consequently lose customers.
  • The constant care of the FAQ
    A good Ecommerce site can no longer do without the so-called FAQ, that is, the list containing frequently asked questions and relevant answers. Even if the customer cannot find an answer on his or her own, a series of pointers can help him or her find the right solution for any need. And that is how self-service customer service takes on a very high importance indeed…
  • The development of a ticketing service

Integrating a live chat to your Ecommerce does not mean using a stand-alone Chat plugin, but integrating it with a platform that allows you to call the customer you are chatting with or simply follow up their request by opening a ticket to an internal department. Again, an immediate response to the catchment area can make a difference and enable a brand to have more revenue.

Easily integrate a live chat on Ecommerces

How to integrate live chat on an ecommerce platform and make such a service look comprehensive and up-to-date for customers?
First of all, you have to know how to make the best use of it and enhance its main strengths. It is a support system for customers, both pre-sale and post-sale, who are followed step by step through the entire procedure related to the selection and subsequent purchase of a product or service. Any doubts on the part of the prospective user should be dispelled within a few minutes. And it is precisely speed that should be the top prerogative of such an integration, with the chance to immediately guarantee a great solution to the customer who requests it.

Initiating instant conversations can help a company in no small part in managing an Ecommerce Live Chat at a high level. There are three main ways in this regard:

  • Click-to-call allows the customer to leave their phone number so that the operator can make a free call without any difficulty.
  • Click to chat allows the user to quickly send a question or request in an online messaging window, the same as a classic social network chat window.
  • Video chat offers the chance for the user to get in touch with the company quickly via video call.

Regarding the technical aspect, integrating chat to an ecommerce site involves very little work. We provide javascript to be inserted into the pages where you want the chat service to appear, the layout and all call to actions are 100% customizable.

On each occasion, it seems clear that the inclusion of excellent Customer Care for Ecommerce can play a key role in the fortunes of a company that wants to grow its revenue and customer base within a short period of time. There are two main goals to be achieved: a sharp increase in sales and a quick and immediate response to user needs. A well-organized Ecommerce Live Chat can certainly contribute to a more focused relationship with the user, who can feel that he or she is an integral part of a real project in which he or she is the protagonist in the first person.