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Social Network for Customer Service

The new way to deliver your customer service.

It is still a market in development, but like all the trends who will be entrusted to the Euro Connect Social Customer Service in the next 12 months will see amazing results.

Always less Customers choose a phone contact for support or information, 34% of companies worldwide deliver their customer service through social channels, and the percentage will grow more and more.

Customer behavior is changing completely through all the channels: Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Live Chat, they can communicate directly with the company, can give feedback on what they ate or bought; conditioning the purchases and choices of other customers with just one click.

The Social Customer Care Specialist - Who Is It?

Our Customer Care Team is trained on the use of all Social Networks, but above all, it is specialized in communicating with your customers to make them feel assisted, considered and make them fall in love with your products or services or simply to handle a complaint and avoid a bad online review.

Real-time monitoring what users say about your business or products gives you the chance to have a significant advantage over your competitors; the social listening is an integral part of our customer service.

54% of the people in Italy, before buying something, eating at a restaurant, renting a car, having a holiday, search for ONLINE INFORMATION. If your customers are best assisted and your Brand Reputation is very high on all channels, your business will only win.

Social Customer Care - Comments Moderation

While Social Networks are one of the most powerful tools for having more online clients, it's just as true that they give the possibility for an instant feedback on their experience. The most often required service is the online comments moderation.

By integrating Euro Connect’s Social Reputation tool on your platform or ecommerce, we can monitor and moderate up to 1Mln comments per month, giving priority to those with particularly serious content by removing them before they can create both legal and brand reputation issues.

How to create the perfect Social Customer Service?

  1. 1) We know your product or service.First of all we need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service; we need to know what you offer and what you trade so that we could become your Brand Ambassadors for good and for bad. Our priority is customers’, yours and their satisfaction, in order to trigger that online and offline word-for-word which is crucial for your business.2) We create “supportaccounts on relevant social networks

    We surely register your company with specific account support for Facebook and Twitter, but we must not forget that assistance is possible as well with Google+ and Youtube, for example by creating tutorials and guides; Email support is also of great importance, especially for the markets that live on users’ reviews and ratings, therefore we will thank your customer for the purchase, we will ask for his opinion and we will make him feel the focus of attention.

    3) We integrate a Ticket Management System on the Social Networks

    On the Social Networks customers can ask questions and ask for assistance in real time, with the same speed we have to answer it and solve the issue. Remember, the perfect social customer support is the one that is positively evaluated!

    By integrating an automated ticket tracking system we will create a positive word for the customer service offered by you, ensuring that each Ticket is solved and closed in the agreed time.

    As you see it is important to integrate all Tickets coming from Social Networks, Phone Calls, Mail and Live Chat into a single software:

    4) We make the reputation of your company excellent.

    Providing Multilingual Social Customer Care on Social Networks produces a nearly immediate ROI (Return of Investment). Customers that are satisfied and assisted can only speak well of their experience and bring you other customers who in turn will bring others. You are what your customers think; our Staff is expert in giving the best corporate image on all Social Networks.