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Live Chat Service for Your Website

Integrating live chat software on your website is the best way to intercept real-time visitor requests; no other tool allows such a quick and inexpensive contact. It guarantees immediate satisfaction and requires no user installation; you just click, chat and buy.

Euro Connect’s Inbound Call Center has a dedicated E-Commerce Customer Service, and live chat is one of the most crucial tools: decrease phone calls, increase customer satisfaction, increase online purchases.

If the customer can choose between contacting a company by phone waiting for someone to answer or contacting a competitor who offers the real-time chat service, which one he will choose according to you?

How to integrate Live Chat into your E-commerce or Web Platform

The online “do it by yourself” solutions for having a chat on your site are almost endless; there are such for all pockets and for all needs, but often you underestimate the necessary time to answer to all requests and above all that it has to be always an online service. If you cannot stand in front of the PC 12 hours a day to respond to your chat or if you are already taking away your valuable time from the company, you can assign your Live Chat to our Customer Care Team.

We have a plug-in already developed for any CMS, such as WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, Joomla and the custom ones. You just need to install the plug-in or paste a code line into the pages where you want the chat available. We will think about the rest.

Live Chat Advantages and Potentials

We often talk about E-Commerce because this is our typical customer. On an online shop the chat has become a mandatory tool, allowing you to increase the purchases through the figure of a personal shopper who assists the customer in real time and creates the human contact feeling that obviously lacks.

But E-commerce is not the only beneficiary of our Live Chat Customer Care service. The chat is often used for:

  • Bug reports and problems: in no other way you can offer to the visitor the chance to report a problem on your site in real time
  • Lead Generation: If your core business is to generate new online customers, especially if your market is a competitor’s plan, offering a professional live chat service guarantees you an exponential increase in demand.
  • E-Learning: We offer specialized customer service for companies that provide online courses, where the user’s problem is often very simple but at the same time is blocking his learning process.

Chat Customer Service - Undervalued Potential

Offering a customer care via chat is not only beneficial in terms of brand and reputation, but it also helps your marketing to understand what to improve. The integration of our tool gives you the ability to know in real time where your customers are connecting from, what are the most frequent issues they complain about and have a final judgment on the assistance they receive.

At the end of each chat session, the customer is invited to fill in a questionnaire of satisfaction. We have 97% satisfied customers on all the shops that we handle; do you want to have more extremely satisfied customers?