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Inbound E-commerce Customer Care Services

Increase the sales on your E-Commerce with our Customer Services for online Shops.

We are witnessing a Revolution: The final customer has become the focus of attention, HE COMUNICATES, especially on E-Commerce, it is necessary to provide immediate pre-sale support with live chat and accurate and precise post-sales support to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Just like in a physical store where there are salespeople asking you if they can help you, changing the product if needed and providing you with the correct one, advising you, in an online shop this figure is necessary and even fundamental: in a store there is a human relationship, on your site there is no such.

We Assist Your E-Commerce Website, Via Phone, Chat, Mail and Social Networks

70% of the assistance requests are made by telephone contact, the customer expects a mother-tongue operator who understands his / her needs, supports it with advice and assists in case of problems: all members of our Ecommerce Customer Care team are natives or equal.

The remaining 30% of the Support requests are made via Mail, Chat or Social Network, for which we have created a Social Network Customer Care, which answers to those in time. On all channels we respond with guaranteed time (SLA).

Never make a customer wait when he is willing to buy!

Never make a customer wait when he needs information!

Euro Connect Inbound Call Center is specialized in Online Shop assitance

We provide to you and to your customers high quality customer service to integrate into your E-Commerce site by offering the following services:

  • Answer in 15 Languages, Via Phone, Chat, Mail and Social Network
  • Integration of our Live Chat and Trouble Ticketing Software on your site
  • Provide Assistance to Your Customers on All Social Networks and Moderate comments
  • Proactive Advice to Improve Your Shop

Integrate now our effective and multilingual Customer Service to your E-commerce

Whatever your platform is: Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Custom CMS, we have already developed the plug-in to be integrated in order to be able to operate 24 hours. In the following paragraphs you will see some realizations already made.

We learn from your customers’ “customer experience” and improve your services to enrich their present and future lives because the online word-of-mouth is fast and allows you to raise your Brand Reputation.

An unsatisfied customer who publishes his online negative experience is one of the most negative word ever. The Solution is Euro Connect’s Customer Support for ecommerce, whose inbound call center staff and the Social Networks Caring Team is specialized in E-Commerce management.

How We Integrate a Customer Support to Your E-Commerce

1) We install our plug-ins on your website so that we can track all of your customers’ requests. Here you can see one already made for photograph cameras E-Commerce.

2) We integrate a Live Chat plug-in for pre-sales support

One of our customers is a famous pots E-Commerce and we have noticed that often customers on the site need just a small “push” to end the purchase, few of them call to get the information needed and 80% open a chat session with questions such as “how much Is the thickness of the bottom of the frying pan? ” Or “how long it takes to arrive with payment upon receipt?”.

Integrating a Live Chat service on your E-Commerce increases your purchases because we give an immediate response to the customer who is going to make the purchase.

3) We train our agents according to your needs

Every customer has an idea of their corporate image and it is very important to keep it with customer service as well, therefore we will study your products and sales offers together with your marketing experts and our Team Leaders, in order to be able to create an ad hoc training plan for our Team and ensure the best inbound customer service on the market.

E-Commerce Customer Care – Do it yourself or outsource it

A question that we often hear. Lots of online shops did not give the right significance of the customer service, handling internally the requests as they best manage according to the time available mainly for two reasons:
1. They are unaware of the existence of E-Commerce Call Centers
2. It is commonly thought that it is cheaper to handle it “in house”
If you are reading the first point you have already got a response, therefore let us answer to the second. The costs of a specialized Customer Care are much lower than you might think.
Euro Connect has developed plans for both E-Commerce in Start Up and for Full Outsourcing companies that handle dozens of different stores securing net savings over the internal management for the benefit of a quality that only a specialized company can offer.